Greengard Cooling Gel

An easy way to comfort your horse after work!

Way of working

Greengard Cooling Gel works by evaporating water. The water content is 95%. It cools more efficiently than clays.

Cooling process of identical water flasks. Three treatments: Untreated control, clay ("lera") for horse legs, Greengard Cooling gel

How to use Greengard Cooling Gel?

After work, apply a layer by hand to the legs of the horse.

Greengard Cooling Gel dries gradually to small flakes which are easy to brush or wash away.

Note: the cooling effect is prevented if the gel is covered by bandages etc, since then the water evaporation cannot take place.

Some good hints

Insect bites and burning injuries - Greengard Cooling Gel has a soothing effect if applied to insect bites or burning injuries. Apply a thin layer at the injury.

Protection of minor scars etc Greengard Cooling Gel protects from insects and dirt which facilitates the healing process.

To moisten dry hooves - Greengard Cooling Gel gives away moisture. It can be used for moistening dry hooves. Apply a layer on the outside of the hoof.

Pressure buffer Greengard Cooling Gel can be used as a soft pressure buffer under bandages etc. When covered by bandage the cooling effect is prevented.


Greengard Cooling Gel i available in the following packages:
Package Weight
Can 1,2 kg
3,0 kg

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